6.5 sec A person who feels it’s their job to keep everyone happy will sooner or later run into trouble.

18.5 The problem with this way of thinking it’s always about everyone else and not about you.

28.5 You end up putting up with things that may be against your values and integrity.

39.5 When you put yourself out to please others, you are not the true you. People around you may not even get to know who the true you is. 50.5 In other words, you end up misleading them instead of pleasing them.


1min .5 sec. To stop being a people pleaser we first have to draw a line under how we did things in the past.

1min 12.5sec The following five steps are how to go forward and stop being a people-pleaser.

1min 23.5sec Step 1 Stop letting others make the decision. When a friend asks you out for lunch, you are entitled to suggest a place of your liking too.

1.34.5. Diagram That would be great. How about we try that new restaurant that has opened on High Street.

1.51.5 You are allowed to have an opinion. When you go out with friends for a night out. You can say no when they ask you to drive everyone home. Instead of…. 2.4.5 Why is it always me who has to be the driver?

2.15.5 Step 3 Don’t forget your needs are essential too. Saying yes is a habit. Start to practice by saying No. If you are not sure, give yourself time by stalling an answer, such as….. – Will you do that? – I’ll let you know by email at the beginning of the week!

2.43.5 Step 4 Start being honest with what you really want. If you are in a relationship and you know it’s going nowhere, rather than waste any more time, you could say the following…


2.58.5 Thank you for some lovely memories but we both know that it’s over for us and we should go our separate ways.

3.18.5 Although such statements may sound harsh, however in the long term you are doing not only yourself a favor but also the other person too. You are facing up to the reality that if something is not working, there is no point continuing.

3.29.5 Step 5 Finally, stop apologizing to others. You are doing nothing wrong you are starting to stand up for yourself and taking control of your life. Accept that not everyone will like you. Accept you are not going to be all things to all people.

3.42.5 Start to speak up, let people know if they have done something to upset you. Find your VOICE and you will start to find your true self.

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