Do you hold on to painful memories from your past? Do you want to start enjoying peace and contentment in everyday life? I will use the train metaphor to show how similar a train journey is to our journey in life. As the train travels from station to station, different people will get on and off our train. Just like our lives, other people will come and go.

Different experiences and trauma may take place. Of course, pleasant memories will happen too. However, there will be times when the train will pass through difficult and dark tunnels. Such as The death of a loved one.A major illnessDivorce and separation. Loss of JobAbuseBecause of the trauma of these experiences, we sometimes unwittingly hold on to negative emotions. The main ones are Anger – How could he do that to me! Regret – Why did I do that! Holding on to shame for years.  Finding a good therapist will help you let go of unhealthy emotions. An experienced therapist will help you understand that the shame you have been carrying for years is NOT yours to carry. It’s the abuser who should be carrying the shame, NOT the victim.

Once you start to let it go and resolve these emotions you will be able to feel lighter and be able to move on with your life. At last, the end of the tunnel is in sight.